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Is your website truly ready to rank well in Google? Have you optimized everything that you can control directly on your website? Using various online tools you can check the search engine optimization of your website. Find out if you are making critical mistakes that are costing you top rankings in Google and Bing. Also, for a quick way to get started here are some great tools to check your website SEO.

Check Website Safety For Any Site

Is the website you are using safe? Is the online store you are checking out at secure? There are several great tools for checking the security of any website online. You never want to enter your personal information, especially sensitive data like credit cards, bank details, your SSN, or other data someone could use to steal your identity on a website unless you are sure it is secure. Luckily there are quite a few things you can do to protect yourself.

Lookup Whois Data for Domain Name

Did you know every domain name is required to publicly list who owns it? Did you know you can lookup this info for free? Every domain name has contact information listed for it that is looked up using a Whois search. Some domain owners used what is called domain privacy protection to hide their data, so be aware that you may not be able to see the exact owner’s info just from doing a domain whois search. You may also want to lookup the IP address for the website as well, since it can reveal additional data about where the website is hosted and who owns that hosting company.

Website Uptime Checker: Is Your Website Down?

Want to see if a website is down or if it’s just your computer that can’t connect? Are you a website owner and you’ve gone through the trouble of creating a beautiful website, written great copy, and created your products only to discover that while you were running your big annual sale, your website was down for two hours! Don’t let this ever happen to you with these website monitoring tools.

Website Traffic Checker Tools

There are so many different ways to check the traffic of your website and your competitor’s websites. From well known tools like Google Analytics to industry leaders in competitor tracking like Ahrefs and so many more. Find out where your competitors are getting their traffic from, what their most popular pages are, and how your website performs as well in comparison.

Is Your Website Slow? Check Your Speed

A slow website is one of the worst things that any website owner can deal with. Not only does it hurt your search rankings in Google / Bing, but it also means more people will abandon your website and fewer sales if you are an ecommerce site. You need to have a fast website and there a ton of different services out there that will check your website speed that for you and report back what the key problems are.

How Many Sites Link to Your Website? Check Your Backlinks

One of the most important keys to good search engine optimization is getting other websites to link back to your website. Specifically, getting them to link to the specific pages that you want to rank higher for your targeted seo keywords. In order to track all of this you need a good backlink tracker tool to both find and keep track of new links, links you lost, and the overall quality of these links. You also need to use a redirect checker to make sure you are always using the proper type of link redirect.

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